How to Draw Cartoons for Comic Strips

Product Description
Here is a comprehensive approach to drawing comic-strip characters in an appealing contemporary style featuring large-format reproductions that can be easily copied. A wide range of drawings show readers how to capture the personality, mood, and character of a subject. Illustrated.

About the Author

Christopher Hart is Watson-Guptill's best-selling author; his previous books have sold more than a million copies. He lives in Westport, Connecticut. 

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
Great book. He displays how to cartoon men, women, children, elderly and many types of animals. He does it in an extremely visual way that even a child could follow along. This book is packed with 95% illustrations and 5% text. To me, that's a winner. The 5% text that is in there is invaluable. The print is nice and large and easy to read. I am very happy I bought this book. It is a keeper. 

A few years ago, on a whim, I decided to start drawing. I didn't know where to begin so I bought this book. I really believed I couldn't draw. The techniques in this book were so easy to learn that soon I went from drawing stick figures to expressive cartoon characters. My confidence went up and I took on more complicated projects. Now, I work part-time doing illustrations and it all started here! 

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